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Breaking News Blogathon: Arise, My Love (Leisen, 1940)

Firstly, I want to thank all the bloggers who signed up  for our event. I was so happy to see so many responses to this topic, and I’m looking forward to reading all the contributions over this weekend. Over the … Continue reading

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Summer Under the Stars Blogathon: The Bad and the Beautiful (Minnelli, 1953)

This post is a contribution to the Summer Under the Stars Blogathon. Thanks to Jill and Michael for hosting again this year! For director Vincente Minnelli’s follow-up to the Best Picture-winning An American in Paris, The Bad and the Beautiful … Continue reading

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Jimmy Stewart Project: Next Time We Love (Griffith, 1936)

It’s been a while since I’ve seen a new Jimmy Stewart film (sad, I know). I recently picked up the James Stewart Screen Legends Collection (Amazon link) which included a handful of movies still on my list to see, as … Continue reading

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Ministry of Fear (Lang, 1944)

In my quest for total Ray Milland movie-watching domination, I’ve seen Fritz Lang’s Ministry of Fear twice in the last two weeks. For a movie that apparently Lang did not hold in high-esteem, even going as far as apologizing about … Continue reading

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Lawrence of Arabia and the Cinematic Experience

I had the most remarkable movie-going experience the other night when I saw David Lean’s Lawrence of Arabia for the first time. It wasn’t something I had purposefully put off watching over the years; in fact the film was one … Continue reading

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Hitchcock Under the Stars

Last night, my friend and I trekked over to Hollywood Forever Cemetery for Cinespia’s summer outdoor movie series.  The film was the 1956 version of The Man Who Knew Too Much. We parked over in the Paramount Studios lot over … Continue reading

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Fabulous Films of the 1940s Blogathon: Key Largo (Huston, 1948)

This entry is part of The Classic Movie Blog Association’s Fabulous Films of the 1940s blogathon.  The title of John Huston’s Key Largo perhaps suggests a rousing adventure on the southern island, yet in reality the film presents itself more … Continue reading

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Horseathon: Broadway Bill (Capra, 1934)

In this day and age, horse racing as a sport suffers from both a lack of mainstream coverage, and damaging negative press. The average person probably knows about the Kentucky Derby, peaks an interest if the Triple Crown is on … Continue reading

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Hollywood and Old Time Radio: Suspense

When I was in high school, probably my senior year, my history teacher took our class to see a local theater production that centered around Old Time Radio. The theater troupe  did a live broadcast of War of the Worlds … Continue reading

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Gone Too Soon: Alan Ladd

This is my contribution to Comet Over Hollywood’s Gone Too Soon Blogathon. To be honest, the image that comes to my mind when Alan Ladd’s name is brought up is the soft-spoken sharpshooter in Shane. At the height of his … Continue reading

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