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On the Road with Crosby and Hope

When I met Carley from The Kitty Packard Pictorial at the Egyptian Theater last night for the Hope/Crosby “Road” film double-feature, she asked me if I had ever seen these films. I said no, to which she replied, “They’re ridiculous.” … Continue reading

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Singin’ in the Rain On the Big Screen!

On Wednesday night, I had the opportunity to catch the second showing of TCM’s presentation of Singin’ in the Rain on the big screen. I was very excited because I had to miss out on the first screening due to … Continue reading

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Horseathon: Broadway Bill (Capra, 1934)

In this day and age, horse racing as a sport suffers from both a lack of mainstream coverage, and damaging negative press. The average person probably knows about the Kentucky Derby, peaks an interest if the Triple Crown is on … Continue reading

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2011 in Film (Or, How I Spent a Good Chunk of My Life)

Sometime around the beginning of last year, I decided to keep track of the movies I watched throughout the year. I probably missed a few in the those first months of the year, but I went back and added what … Continue reading

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New Movies About Old Movies

2011 has given movie lovers two films that deal with film history, and both have become mainstream names because of the awards season buzz they have generated.  Hugo is director Martin Scorsese’s magical 3D story about a young orphan who … Continue reading

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My Essentials: It’s A Wonderful Life (Capra, 1946)

It’s A Wonderful Life was the first movie that made me cry. I’m sure that sounds slightly cliché because I bet tons of people sob their way through the Christmas Eve showing every year, but it was significant to me … Continue reading

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The Great Kane Debate

Anytime you discuss the placement of Citizen Kane at the top of the movie pantheon, it’s probably going to open a can of worms. Thus, to celebrate their 2-year anniversary, True Classics is hosting a Great Citizen Kane Debate so … Continue reading

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A Thank You, and Annie Get Your Gun (Sidney, 1950)

First off, Audrey at Fedoras and High Heels awarded me the Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award. I’m flattered that she chose to recognize me, so a very belated thank you to Audrey! I kind of went on a musical binge this … Continue reading

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Henry and James

I love this little clip. It’s Henry Fonda roasting his lifelong friend at the Dean Martin Celebrity Roast held in Jimmy’s honor. I think this is 1978. I believe the entire thing is up on YouTube if you so desire.

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Christmas In July (Sturges, 1940)

If there’s anyone who holds a special place in my classic film-loving heart it’s Preston Sturges. For someone who is well-versed in classic cinema, his name is probably one you would be familiar with. But about a year ago, I … Continue reading

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