Breaking News: Journalism in Classic Film Blogathon Round-Up~ Day 1


Today kicks off the first day of the Breaking News: Journalism in Classic Film Blogathon! If for some reason I’ve missed your direct link for today, post it here in the comments. Here are the contributions, hot off the presses:

– Flick Chick at A Person in the Dark looks at Cagney and yellow journalism in Warner Brothers’ Picture Snatcher.

– Jacqueline at Another Old Movie Blog looks at a newsroom full of famous TV faces in 30.

Caftan Woman takes a look at Mervyn LeRoy’s Oscar nominated Five Star Final.

– Le at Critica Retro writes about Billy Wilder’s nasty Ace in the Hole(Remember to hit translate!)

Destroy All Fanboys looks at Akira Kurosawa’s critique of gossip and entertainment journalism in Scandal.

– Chris at Family Friendly Reviews gives an in-depth look into Welles’ Citizen Kane.

Movie Classics follows a reporter balancing breaking an important story and his methods of doing it in I Cover the Waterfront.

– Kay at Movie Star Makeover looks at journalist Natalie Wood’s style and flair in Blake Edwards’ The Great Race.

Movies Silently reviews The Power of the Press, an early Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. film which shows the signature touches of champion-of-the-everyman director Frank Capra.

– Brandie at True Classics looks at the slightly unscrupulous journalists in Howard Hawks’ classic His Girl Friday.

– Trevor at A Modern Musketeer has put together a great gifset of the 1926 Soviet film, Miss Mend.

– Yours truly looks at Ray Milland and Claudette Colbert in Mitchell Leisen’s war romance film Arise, My Love.

Carole and Co. highlights Carole Lombard’s work in Nothing Sacred, as well as her turn as a reporter in a lesser-known film.

– Rich at Widescreen World defends James Cagney’s Frank Ross in a great editorial on Each Dawn I Die.

– Vanessa over at Stardust writes about the questionable motives on display in The Philadelphia Story.

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