Update: Schedule for the Breaking News: Journalism in Classic Film Blogathon


Hi All,

If you haven’t checked already, my co-host Jessica at Comet Over Hollywood has put together the schedule for the weekend. We’re really excited about the group of bloggers and films we have, and look forward to everyone’s posts!

Saturday, Sept. 21

A Person in the Dark– “Picture Snatcher” (1933)

Another Old Movie Blog– “30″ (1959)

Backlots – “Meet John Doe” (1941)

Caftan Woman– “Five Star Final”

Carole & Co. – “Nothing Sacred”

Cinamalacrum– The Naked City (1948)

Comet Over Hollywood– Portrayal of Reporters in film

Critica Retro– “Ace in the Hole”

Destroy All Fanboys– Akira Kurosawa’s Scandal (1950)

Family Friendly Reviews– Citizen Kane

Famous Dames– “Sweet Smell of Success”

Girl with the White Parasol– Scandal Sheet

Girls Do Film– Sex and the Single Girl

I Started Late and Forgot the Dog– “Crime of Passion”

Jess  in a Yellow Dress– “It Happened One Night” (1934)

Kevin Carr – Roman Holiday

Lindsay’s Movie Musings– “Arise, My Love” (1940)

Movie Classics– “I Cover the Waterfront”

Movie Star Makeover– “The Great Race”

Movies, Silently– “The Power of the Press” (1928)

Nitrate Diva– Love on the Run

Sunday, Sept. 22

Immortal Ephemera– Clear all the Wires (1933)

 The Skeins– Come Fill the Cup

Once upon a screen– Christmas in Connecticut

Portraits by Jenni– “Headline Shooter”

Pre-Code– Platinum Blonde (1931)

Silver Scenes – “Libeled Lady”

Silver Screenings– “The Trial of John Peter Zenger”

Sittin’ on a Backyard Fence – “30 Day Princess/Wedding Present”

Stardust– “Philadelphia Story” (1940)

Tales of the Easily Distracted– “Shattered Glass”

The Great Katharine Hepburn and the Golden Age of Hollywood–  “Woman of the Year” (1942)

The Hitless Wonder Movie Blog– Mysterious Mr. Wong

 The Hollywood Revue– Journalists in pre-code films

The Joy and Agony of Movies– “All the President’s Men”

The Kitty Packard Pictorial – “Blessed Event” (1932)

The Man on the Flying Trapeze– Comparing “Front Page” and “His Girl Friday”

The Movie Rat– Doctor X (1932)

They Don’t Make ‘em Like They Used To – “Lonelyhearts”

Thrilling Days of Yesteryear– Deadline-USA

True Classics– “His Girl Friday” (1940)

Vienna’s Classic Hollywood – “Teacher’s Pet”

Widescreen World– Each Dawn I Die

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8 Responses to Update: Schedule for the Breaking News: Journalism in Classic Film Blogathon

  1. I really wanted to write about Libeled Lady but – darn! – can’t find a copy to be had anywhere ( from the libraries that is ). 😦 I ordered one copy three weeks ago but it hasn’t arrived yet. So…..I’m not really going to write about the film as planned ( it’s been so long since I seen it I don’t remember much! ). I may do a behind-the-scenes look instead. Would that be alright? I know it’s not very “journalism” themed. – Constance Metzinger, Silver Scenes

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  3. Lindsay, I was not able to link to your post on “Arise My Love” to offer my usual insightful comments. (ha ha)

    Great blogathon. Have just read all of today’s entries and have a whack of new-to-me movies to watch.

  4. My post is now live. It features twice as much Doctor X as originally scheduled!

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