Happy Birthday Jimmy

1937 Ted Allan Studio Portrait

Well, it’s officially been one year, and this blog has survived my on and off neglect. It is also Mr. Stewart’s 103rd birthday (well, as I’m writing this the days are changing, but oh well). I hope now that I’m graduated this blog will be more active, more people will read it, and we’ll have fun in the next year.

To Jimmy: you are the reason this blog exists, why I got into classic film, and why I hope to continue my education in film studies. To make a long story short, Jimmy worked with some of the best of the best: Capra, Hitchcock, Preminger, Mann, and his co-stars included the likes of Hepburn, Fonda, Wayne, Grant, etc. Through his films, I was exposed to these people, and their films and collaborators, and became interested in the studio system period. Perhaps I would’ve gotten into classic film some other way, but honestly, it’s been a pleasure making my way through the work of such a great actor. Happy birthday to Mr. Smith, George Bailey, Elwood P. Dowd, the Hitchcock hero with the darker side, the rugged cowboy and the American Everyman.

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2 Responses to Happy Birthday Jimmy

  1. Tom says:

    Very lovely tribute. Did you used to have a blog called The Jimmy List? There used to be one but it has been abandoned; the author was on a mission to watch every Jimmy film.

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