The Point of This Blog

I have tried blogging before, and this is basically my second attempt at doing it regularly (or semi-regularly). Being a journalism major, I figure it’s good to have a place to write on a daily basis, whether or not people read it.

One of my problems with the last blog was not keeping it centralized around one theme, so for this one I will try and stick to my many thoughts and experiences with film.

I have loved the medium since middle school, when I became obsessed with Star Wars and had to know everything about it. This lead to multiple trips to the library to get books on how those movies were made, which evolved into books on the general production and history of film.

Over the last few years, I’ve become more interested in film theory and history. My last few months have been spent delving more into Classic Hollywood and other major international film movements like the French New Wave and Italian Neorealism. I like to think I was always a little bit of a film snob, and I am realizing more and more that there is so much more out there than the current mainstream Hollywood trends.

My true love is probably Classic Hollywood cinema, from the 1930s-late 1960s. I owe a lot of that to James Stewart, which I will probably elaborate on more in a later post. I am actually doing a fun little ongoing thing for me where I am trying to watch all of his films (80+). I’m in the mid-20s now. I have spent the last months viewing the works of Hitchcock, Hawks, Mann, Ford, Capra, Welles, Godard etc. I am a sucker for anything with Jimmy, Cary and Bogie in it, Kate and Spence, Fred and Ginger, Gene Kelly, John Wayne…see, the list of big names from that era still looms large and is still familer today.

So I hope this blog will stand as a journal for my thoughts and opinions as I watch all these films. Don’t worry, I do go see plenty of modern fare (just not this summer so far…).

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