Breaking News: Journalism in Classic Film Blogathon Round-Up~ Day 1


Today kicks off the first day of the Breaking News: Journalism in Classic Film Blogathon! If for some reason I’ve missed your direct link for today, post it here in the comments. Here are the contributions, hot off the presses:

- Flick Chick at A Person in the Dark looks at Cagney and yellow journalism in Warner Brothers’ Picture Snatcher.

- Jacqueline at Another Old Movie Blog looks at a newsroom full of famous TV faces in 30.

- Caftan Woman takes a look at Mervyn LeRoy’s Oscar nominated Five Star Final.

- Le at Critica Retro writes about Billy Wilder’s nasty Ace in the Hole(Remember to hit translate!)

-Destroy All Fanboys looks at Akira Kurosawa’s critique of gossip and entertainment journalism in Scandal.

- Chris at Family Friendly Reviews gives an in-depth look into Welles’ Citizen Kane.

- Movie Classics follows a reporter balancing breaking an important story and his methods of doing it in I Cover the Waterfront.

- Kay at Movie Star Makeover looks at journalist Natalie Wood’s style and flair in Blake Edwards’ The Great Race.

- Movies Silently reviews The Power of the Press, an early Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. film which shows the signature touches of champion-of-the-everyman director Frank Capra.

- Brandie at True Classics looks at the slightly unscrupulous journalists in Howard Hawks’ classic His Girl Friday.

- Trevor at A Modern Musketeer has put together a great gifset of the 1926 Soviet film, Miss Mend.

- Yours truly looks at Ray Milland and Claudette Colbert in Mitchell Leisen’s war romance film Arise, My Love.

- Carole and Co. highlights Carole Lombard’s work in Nothing Sacred, as well as her turn as a reporter in a lesser-known film.

- Rich at Widescreen World defends James Cagney’s Frank Ross in a great editorial on Each Dawn I Die.

- Vanessa over at Stardust writes about the questionable motives on display in The Philadelphia Story.

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